To my old friends


It’s been a long time since we met last time. It doesn’t mean that we are not friends anymore, but it means that our lives have changed, with our ages getting older, with more responsibilities, with difference of perspectives towards life.


I have still remembered our friendship indeed, although we are not around anymore, even without any contact exchange.


Unconsciously, we no longer share with each other about our life stories. We became silence, strange, indifference to one another.


No more chatting, no more gathering, we have separated thoroughly.


We all have new lives, with new environment, with new friends.


We are now facing new challenges, having new friends around us, sharing our new stories.


Sometimes, memories of us will substantially come to my mind; Sometimes, a small thing will bring me with a piece of beautiful memory, about you, about us.


And now, we are heading toward different direction, far, far away..


Perhaps, no chance, for us to cross paths. no chance….


But every time, when there is a change about your post, your album, about everything tagged you, I will know you are all good, you enjoy your life.


If we could cross paths in the future, please remember, nothing changes at all! Our friendship is still there! 


Wish you all the best!



(I am always caring you, with all kinds of ways that you may know and you may not.)


Still, Hong Kong


Just finish reading one book, about mainlanders’ life in Hong Kong.

I could reach a simple conclusion as review of the book, it is definitely not a wise choice to live in Hong Kong.

Many young couples, they married in Hong Kong, having kids now. However, in terms of their living condition, I must say, it is terrible. All of them have outstanding academic backgrounds. I mean, they all graduated from top universities in mainland China and come to Hong Kong for further study. Later on, they chose to live in Hong Kong and successfully got the Hong Kong permanent residence.

What kinda life am I expecting for? I am not sure. But clearly I know that those cases are definitely not my dream life.

That’s enough. That’s enough to direct me to get out of Hong Kong. It is , and will only be, my small part of life, and a bit of my memory.

Could I say that I have lived in Hong Kong about one year and a half?

However, after two month, I am gonna off to Cambodia, and then off to Russia, and then off to somewhere else.

My life then will be totally without Hong Kong.

I always think about where I am gonna choose to live for long. Maybe Europe. I think that is a good place to live. It is just comfortable and enjoyable. At least, the life quality there is good enough.

Another intern in VolTra told me that if only you can support yourself, then do whatever you like to do.

Yes. Do whatever I want to do. This is my life. I want to be a global citizen. I want to experience more, not for CV, not for money, not for future. I do it for myself.

Many people will think about me, thinking that I am trying so hard, to make a different CV. My point is that, what I did, what I am doing, and what I am gonna do, are all for myself. I want to explore the world. I want to meet different people.

Maybe, I will not come back again to finish my study in Hong Kong, if I really wanna live my life..

Am I gonna do that?

If so, Will I regret when I am getting old?

Life is yours. Don’t make yourself in troube. Try not to compare with others.

That is your life.


Comments on “Contact lost of Malaysian plane”

Honestly, I am not a person with strong connections with my country.

I am from China. Currently, I study in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is famous for freedom of speech. So I heard about many secrets of China. Sometimes, I really feel shamed that I am a Chinese since China has done something really unacceptable.

When it comes to China, I always hold my point without any emotional bias.

However, from last day’s news, a plane from Malaysia to China has got contact loss. Until now, there is no evidence about the plane and more than 200 people on flight.

I cannot stop connecting this event with terrorist attack. 10 days ago, a knife attack just happened in Kunming, China. It was made by terrorists from western China. Did they start to come to the scene and mess up China?

I wish it was just my assumption. I wish it was not true.

All the Chinese citizen are innocent people. You guys cannot release your anger towards us. We did nothing to you. If you feel unfair, anger, extremely rage, you can tell us through the internet. I believe that all of the people will think about it with a rational mind. Please, stop hurting people. They are INNOCENT.

China will be crazy for what your guys have done to him. China can never fight against your guys. Compared to your guys, China is like a small baby, without much protection.

I start to worry about my family, my friends in China, and every Chinese citizen. I wish they can have a normal life. I don’t expect that their lives are getting better. I just wanna ensure that they have a peaceful life.

Wish everybody, safe and sound.

Hong Kong — Behind its shiny appearance


Looks fantastic, right? Here is Hong Kong, a dynamic international city. And I am studying right in this place.

Lots of people may think it is the best choice for me to work in Hong Kong after graduation because Hong Kong is a brilliant workplace with a high salary and an international environment. That’s totally right. And that is why there are more than 90 percent of graduates who work in Hong Kong after graduation.

How about them right now? Have they been promoted to a higher position? Have they switched to another company for a better future? Or, have they been fired and back to mainland?

Unfortunately, through the career sharing, I could see their working status now. They work either as human resources or marketer or an advertiser. That’s good, as it normally goes. But that is apparently not the future that what I expect. Hong Kong is just a tiny place. However, it attracts lots of experts from all kinds of field to come to work here. And there are indeed few opportunities for people to grasp.

I feel a strong sense of crisis right now, actually for quite a long time. So I got an idea to work outside Hong Kong. India, Mexico and Brazil will be good choices for me since they gradually get the world attention and lots of companies choose them as part of their workplace and target market as well.

Right now, I am applying for an internship in those areas and I am gonna defer my study if I successfully get the internship. I could say that, I won’t regret if I will graduate late than my other classmates due to this internship. 

Let’s see how it goes.




Is GPA really important?

From now on, all the efforts towards GPA from me can only occupy half of my day. I promise.

Today, I have listened a talk from the president of CUHK, Pro. Joseph SUNG Jao-yiu. It is indeed pretty short, around just 20 mins. And I didn’t expect so much because presidents are always like that, you know, those official things. 


Firstly, he talked about the service he has joined before. One was in Gansu province, the other one was in Africa (I didn’t really remember the name of that country). His team built a bridge for a poor village for not letting students pushed away and died by the river. At that time, what he hated to do was eating and shitting. When you wanna relieve yourself, it would be the same place as pigs, hens, ducks. So, he had to be relieving himself under the eyes of those animals. 


Also, he talked about the kids in Africa. Almost half of the children are infected with HIV at that country in the current time. They don’t have any parents because their mothers have already died by the disease and their fathers are soldiers and strange to them. Should we blame those mothers for committing those sexual things? I have no idea. Because we have different lives and we cannot judge them without experiencing.


Those things happens in this world. But as a student, I am buried in the study and I merely know nothing about the outside world. I seldom read newspaper and I don’t even know how was going on in India, Brazil and other countries. What I put so many efforts is, unfortunately, my GPA.

Okay, I know, my current GPA look nice, pretty nice indeed. However, what did I really gain from those efforts? Just a number??? I have nearly used up one and a half years of my university life. Right now, I wanna change.

I will change without any doubt. The president of CUHK told me today that GPA is not important. Please notice, it is the perspective of a president. How could I deny it? 

I am gonna make a change from now on.